Windows Open

oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy. and the obvious reason is because of the season. ma natures lyrical, with her yearly miracle. Spring, Spring, Spring!
– Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

We have turned a corner this past week in our weather! Hooray!! And we are all hoping we can kiss winter goodbye, for good.

This year the anticipation for spring weather has been particularly difficult! Obviously being down a car doesn’t help. But that aside, it just feels like the winter weather d r a g g e d on and on! I think it was partially do to last years early warm weather snap (seriously we had already had weeks full of 80 degree weather this time last year!!). And now that I have two toddlers running around, I have twice the reason to get outside and run off energy:)

This spring is already off to a fantastic start! We have enjoyed numerous hour+ long walks ( soooo thankful that my girls are content in the stroller:) )

Play dates at the park have already begun! Nothing better than the girls running around with their friends while I get to indulge in some adult conversations with mine.





As a family we have enjoyed some spring trips to our favorite spot Conner Prairie as well as walks on the Monon. This spring has been particularly fun because it has been the first one that MJ can participate in ( well awake and mobile). I have to say she is LOVING being one of the big kids!





Aside from these larger spring activities we have also just been enjoying all the little luxuries spring has to offer. Like walks around the block after dinner, playing on our sidewalk with chalk and bubbles, watching the buds begin to pop on the trees and smelling the sweet air with the windows open!


ahhh, spring we welcome you with open arms!!


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