Ten Minutes

With two toddlers ( is MJ really a toddler??) running around I barely have time to sit. We are having dance parties, tea parties, making food, playing play-doh… You get the picture. Life is busy. Fun! But busy.

Before Moira I had fallen into a nice routine of waking up before Liesel in the mornings. However, once Little Miss entered the picture I rarely continued this routine. You see with two little ones, one is bound to wake in the middle of the night. I could probably count my sleep through the nights on two hands from this past year. I’m not trying to throw a pity party for myself, it’s just life. Because of this new reality I found it extremely hard to get myself up before Liesel would come marching into our room bright and early each morning. This approach was draining. There is something about someone else dictating your wake up time that just never goes over well. My mornings began with me exhausted and feeling like I was already behind. Not a great way to start a day!

A few months ago I made the executive decision to resume my early-before the girls-wakeups. I no longer wanted them to be here or there, but every morning during the week. Weekends are different because Eric and I have a system where we both get a day to sleep in, while the other attends to the sisters. This is a fabulous routine and one I absolutely recommend!

Since I have instilled my early wakeups, I can honestly say I feel like a better mother. Cliche I know, but true! Some days I wake up have time to work-out, have my quiet time and first cup of tea, before the girls wake.

20130405-154953.jpg Other mornings I only complete my quiet time. But having 1 hour or ten minutes doesn’t matter, either way I feel rested and excited to start my day. My day was started on my terms and I was able to indulge in some me time, before greeting my darlings with a smile and a kiss.


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