Surviving with One Car

Yes, you read that right, we have officially been a one car family for almost 6 weeks now! To say I was excited about our decision to junk my car

20130329-201755.jpg and live life as a family of four with only one vehicle, would be far from the truth! I’m going to go crazy stuck home all day, how will we get our errands done each week, we are never going to be able to see our friends were just a few of my doubts/ concerns about living life with only one car.

Now that we have made it through 6 weeks, I can honestly say, it hasn’t been so bad. really. I’ve almost even enjoyed it, gasp. Crazy, I know! Truly, it has not been bad at all. For starters we never have to transfer those ridiculous carseats from car to car!!! Ah, that task alone was going to be the end of me;).

We also have definitely been saving money. Not only through insurance and gas but also on groceries! By having one car I only go to the grocery store once a week. I never realized how much extra money I wasted spent on those frivolous trips to the store. We have proudly been under budget for groceries each week since going down to one car. Another bonus has been the increase in communication between Eric and I. We faithfully have been sticking to our weekly check-in meetings! If for no other reason, to get our schedules in order for the upcoming week. Due to the nature of Eric’s job there is some flexibility when it comes to the car. He does not have an 8-5pm job. Some nights he is gone until 9 or even 10pm. So he can sometimes come home for lunch or go in to the office later. Now that we are down a car we have tried to make a few mornings ( usually Tuesdays and Fridays) work from home days. That way the girls and I can run to a friends for a play date or get out of the house in one way or another, and Eric can set up office from home. This has worked out extremely well.

Don’t get me wrong having one car has also been difficult. For example if we get one more snowstorm you just might have to admit me somewhere!! I definitely have a strong case of spring fever. And that mixed with not being able to get out of the house whenever I want is getting old! But I rest on the fact that we are possibly days away from 50+ degree sunny weather ( on a regular basis) and then the girls and I can walk to numerous parks, stores, and various other outings that do not require a vehicle. Although I would not want to live like this forever, we are making it work and life has been a lot simpler, which we are all loving!


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