Good for the Soul

I stole this phrase from my friend because it perfectly described this past weekend. A few months ago my 5 closest and dearest friends ( from high school, college and early married life) decided it was time to start an annual girls getaway. We decided a cabin in the woods was the exact escape we were craving. A place where we could relax, catch up, sip wine, and just be.



From the moment our plans were set I was looking forward to this weekend. Out of the six of us, I am the only one who lives away. Being estranged from these girls is one of the hardest parts to lliving in Indiana. Thank goodness for smart phones, the Internet, and Facebook; for they shorten the distance between us.



The weekend I had been waiting for was finally here!! I spent the morning cleaning, packing, and making sure all was set on the home front. I would be gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday. My first overnight away from both girls. Was I nervous? No. Would I miss them? Absolutely! I was excited for the special alone time Liesel and Moira would have with Eric. My only hesitation was that I had not weened MJ yet, but as long as I’m not around she usually is fine. This weekend would be the test:). And of course Eric was up for it! Lucky to have such a supportive husband, who sees the value in my girls weekend away!

The car was packed, kisses were given and it was time for me to hit the road. About ten minutes down the interstate I was struck by the quiet in the car. I smiled to myself and realized how much I was going to enjoy my weekend away. To pass the time I listened to a fabulous book on cd (one I had started reading weeks ago, but hadn’t found the time to finish), Bringing Up Bebe. All you Mama friends out there give this book a whirl! My five hour drive flew by! Before I knew it I was in Grand Rapids meeting my favorites for dinner. We finished the last leg of the trip together.

The cabin was in a quiet, wooded and very secluded area. Just what we were all longing for. We also had little to no cell phone service, a much welcomed break! We were truly able to turn off and unplug. Except for one short phone call and a few minimal text messages I had no communication with my loves at home. I knew they were in the best hands, I had no worries.

That evening we stayed up until the early morning talking and catching up. It’s amazing how much I’d missed these girls! Thankful that we can always pickup right where we left off. God has been so good to me in protecting my friendship with these awesome ladies!

Except for a quick trip out for burgers at a local tavern ( delicious) our weekend was spent at the cabin. Awesome conversations. Talking about our struggles, challenges and successes. Encouraging each other, laughing together and making memories to last a lifetime. This weekend was without a doubt good for the soul.

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