Life with Two

It’s true what they say, life with two is crazy! I remember while pregnant with Moira everyone telling me how easy you have it with one. just wait until #2 arrives, you’ll wonder why you thought life with just one was busy.. I even remember moms telling me that going from 0-1 kids is just as big of a jump as going from 1-2.

When Moira Jane first came home, I waited for the craziness to commence. But all seemed to be going smoothly. Liesel adored her sister (some would argue perhaps too much;)). It did not take long for us to find a new rhythm and that quickly became our new normal.

I remember with Liesel it took me weeks to venture out alone. With two, we went on outings the moment I was ok’d to drive. Life was busy with an almost two yo, not the newborn; she was easy!! And that definition stayed true for a while. MJ just went with the flow. Barely ever crying. Slept on the go. Ate wherever, whenever, for any duration. If we went on walks, to the park, story time, I could just throw her in the woven wrap and she’d sleep away, or be content awake. Life was easy and I knew it! Going from 1-2 was a piece of cake. Well, until recently;)




I would say my challenges the first year of having two kids were minimal. I had prepared myself for these horror stories of life with two, and felt lucky to have it so easy. However, things have changed drastically in the past month or so. Moira started walking. And she has developed her own will and desires when out and about.

Life went from easy trips to the library with one being worn and one holding my hand. To one wanting to run anywhere and every where she can. Moira is on the move and boy life got a whole lot crazier!!!





The saving grace is that we have entered a wonderful new stage with Liesel; that of understanding! I can explain to her what I expect her to do on outings and for the most part she adheres to my demands. Que deep exhalation. This stage is an absolute joy as well! Moira is beginning to talk and take part in activities. She enjoys making silly faces and loves to dance with Liesel. You should see the fun these two have!! Car rides are a riot with all the laughter and conversations. Liesel has also really started taking on the role of big sister. She is constantly asking MJ questions, [insert high-pitched voice] can you say doggie? Daddy? Do you want sips?

Although this new stage has thrown us new challenges, we are up for it!! I can already tell I am going to love it ( well for the most part).






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