Valentines Day

Valentines Day.  What does it mean to you?  Some say its a fake holiday, others say what’s the point, and some spend tons of money on flowers/chocolate/jewelry.  I say how can a day set aside for love be a bad thing?  I’ve always enjoyed valentines day.  I remember in middle school a dear friend always threw a Vday party for our girl friends.  We would make a pink craft, have delicious pink desserts and spend the night discussing our crushes and daring eachother to call one up! Oh memories.

When Eric and I started dating, almost 13 years ago, the first Valentines Day was so exciting! He was my first real boyfriend after all!  I had an away volleyball game that day and Eric surprised me in the parking lot when we came home with a little bear that was wearing a t-shirt on which Eric hand wrote sub for Eric.  He also made me my first of many mixed Cds.  It was so sweet, so innocent, so perfect.

Through the years our celebrations have varied.  Some involved dinner out, or a romantic day trip, while some a quiet night-in viewing one of our favorite Jane Austin movies. But whatever we do, the most important thing is that we are together celebrating the love we have for eachother. 

I have been so blessed by my husband.  He is truly a romantic.  Flowers are not bought on Valentines Day or birthdays in particular,but spontaneously and often.   He shows his love through the way he helps around the house and with the girls, and the way he listens ever so intently to me ramble on and on for hours on days that have been filled with too much wiggle music, and coloring, and diaper changing, and zero adult conversation:)  He makes me feel beautiful and special daily by telling me sincerely how good I look ( even on days that he left a wife in pj’s and returned home to a wife only upgraded to workout clothes;)).  

This Valentines Day Eric did not disappoint.  We decided to celebrate at home once the girls were in bed.  Eric started our evening with a delicious appetizer of shrimp tempura ( using a copycat recipe for bang-bang shrimp)


Then he proceeded to cook up his famous filets. These are amazing!!! He sears them in our cast iron skillet for a few minutes each side, then bakes them in the oven for less then 10 minutes. And voila

The most tender, perfectly medium, flavorful filet you could have. Seriously Ruth’s Chris has nothing on these!

This year while dinner was cooking Eric decided we should dress up. Good idea I said I was thinking of putting on earrings. Eric smiled and said no really. Like bow tie red dress, dress up. So after a quick change. We sat down and enjoyed a fabulous meal talking and reminicising about years past. Feeling blessed and loved and thankful that we took the time to celebrate a holiday of love!


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