Just Sit


As Moira’s first birthday has come and gone the inevitable question of, when will you stop nursing , has already been mentioned on numerous occasions.  Sigh. Do I really have to think of this already??  I have been extremely fortunate with two amazing experiences nursing both of my girls.  Never any trouble at all. Well, except for a brief week when Liesel was over a year and I was 10 wks pregnant with Moira.  Other than that, nursing has been one of the top highlights to being a Momma. 

The precious moments spent rocking my girls in the rocking chair, cuddling on the couch, or just sitting and watching my sweet ones.  I feel fortunate. 

When will I call it quits? Time will tell. With Liesel I nursed until 15 months, gradually eliminating one feeding at a time. This made for an easy transition for both of us ( not to mention, zero pain for me!!). But with Moira I am in no rush. There is no baby on the way, so I feel I can wait until we are ready.

Watching this little one sleep easily in my armsimage is reason enough to wait. With Liesel our time together whether nursing or not was always so special and intimate. However with the second baby life is much more hectic. Even while nursing you are multi-tasking: reading books while nursing, folding laundry while nursing, preparing lunch while nursing, potty training while nursing ( my least favorite, but such is life) and the list goes on and on. But the times during the day that life is quiet and intimate with your little one is nursing before naps and bed. These are what I can’t say good-bye to just yet. Times when I can just sit, be still, and fall deeper in love.


5 thoughts on “Just Sit

  1. So sweet, I nursed each baby a little longer than the previous. First one 16 months, second 18 months and third 2 years. Such a special gift, I truly believe it is what helps create a lifelong bond with your children. They are all still snugglers:)

  2. So sweet Tricia ❤ I nursed Ezra 19 mths — had to stop because of sweet Miriam! I hope I can nurse Miri for just as long — it is such a special time — and it is God-created and -intended! I enjoy every nursing session with Miri — knowing that soon she will be as big as her big brother 😦 xoxo

    • It goes too fast! So glad you nursed Ez for that long! I give you such props for all you went through in the beg w him and sticking to it! Glad its been going well with Miri she looks like such a sweetie:) xo

  3. I love to hear about great breastfeeding experiences! Way to go mama. Nursing while folding laundry, lol, I have NEVER done that, although I do nurse in front of the computer a lot 😉 Its a great excuse to sit for a while!

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