A cleaner Cleaner

So, I know I’m late in the game with this whole vinegar cleaner craze.  I had my doubts.   Many of you have been using it to clean your homes for a while now, and all I can say is…you were right! Vinegar is a fabulous cleaner!!  I have been solely using vinegar, water and baking soda to do all of my cleaning for a few weeks now and am loving the results.

If you are like me, you are probably doubting that vinegar really is a disenfectant.  I did some research and here are a few articles that persuaded me (#1 , #2). I have been sick and tired of using chemicals to clean my house for so long!! Even the natural cleaners have a smell that I worry its effects on my girls. When my friend, Erin, first told me about her homemade cleaners I was instantly intrigued. Not only would I be saving money but most importantly I would be keeping my family from breathing chemical infused air!

Using homemade cleaners is ridiculously easy! You are going to kick yourself for not trying it earlier. All you need is distilled vinegar, water and baking soda. With those three ingredients you can clean your floors, windows, counters, toilets, you name it! It is even safe to use on wood floors. Ok I feel like an advertisement. But it is just so great to use, I had to share.

Since I am not the biggest fan of the aroma vinegar gives off I decided to try and soak my vinegar in orange peels. This really helped and makes for a fresh clean scent! Take a mason jar fill it with as many orange peels as you can and pour the vinegar in. Close the lid tight, and leave it for 10 days. image
Once your 10 days are up, simply strain the vinegar out image
and pour your liquid into a spray bottle.

Here I am dominating our bathroom mirror;)

For toilets, I simply pour about 1/4-1/2c of baking soda on the bowl then drizzle 1/2c of vinegar over top. I usually let it sit for 30 minutes or so then scrub it down. For tougher stains you repeat the process.

I am so glad to be rid of those disgusting commercial cleaners!! I will never go back.

Also, just a quick update on my laundry detergent. I have been using my homemade recipe for four months now and can honestly say this stuff really really works! I am also not even halfway through my stash. Looks like they were right about the 9 mth estimate. I may be able to make it even longer. How amazing is that?!


5 thoughts on “A cleaner Cleaner

  1. Ok, I am trying this. I use water and vinegar on our floors and love it. I didn’t realize you could use it for everything. I am so happy about this, I usually hold my shirt over my nose while I clean, nice eh? Thanks, Tricia!

  2. Finally saw this on vinegar… We also have been using it for a while and love it. Never thought to soak with orange peels. I don’t mind the vinegar smell, but Ben does. You can’t use vinegar on granite though… I make a isopropyl alcohol and water mixture (a couple of drops of dish soap cuts the smell) for granite and works awesome!

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