Split Pea Soup: the quest continues

For our third anniversary Eric and I had dinner at Smith and Wollensky downtown Chicago and absolutely fell in love with their split pea soup! It was heavenly.  The perfect texture, smooth and creamy, mixed with the perfect flavor! It was the best split pea soup I have ever tasted! Honestly, it was out of this world! So good that after a delicious filet dinner here we are years later talking only about the soup;) Since that cold December day in 2009 I have been on a hunt for a soup that could compare.  Zoup’s was ok, but a little to thick, any from the store: Kroger, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, could not come close! I decided to take a crack at it myself. My first attempt was …

… ehh, not the best. Texture was spot on, but the taste was so so. I will have to try again.  The recipe I used, I found on pinterest. You can view it here.  After making it I’ve decided a few things:

1.) I definitely need to use a hambone next time. The recipe didn’t call for it, and since we never have ham I didn’t feel the need to add it.  Next time I’ll try to check with the butcher and see if I can just buy the bone. Or I may have to wait until the day I host a holiday that calls for ham;)

2.) Thinking if I add salted pork or bacon next time, it may enhance the flavor.  And when has adding bacon to a dish ever been a bad decision??

All in all, I would not reccommend this recipe with high ratings. Mediocre at best.  It was by no means a complete failure, the girls gobbled it up and when served with a BLT on the side it makes for a great meal! It just didn’t do Smith and Wollensky justice. My quest for the best split pea soup is not finished yet.  One day I hope to share my victory recipe with all of you! Until then here are a few pictures from my first adventures with Split Pea Soup.

First you start with this:

After two and a half hours of simmering you get this:

Serve it with a yummy sandwich and your family’s sure to enjoy it!

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