Three and a half years ago Eric and I moved to Indiana.  Crazy how time flies!! When we moved from Michigan we left a huge support system made up of dear friends and family.  I knew none of our friendships from back home could ever be replaced but I prayed and prayed that God would provide us a community of support in our new home in Indiana.  The first few weeks Eric and I went on finding friend missions.  These proved unfruitful and I began to get discouraged.  I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but… couldn’t one bosom friend be sent my way??? I was used to my weekly girl time and, although Eric is a fabulous communicator, I was desperate for friend.

Over the next few months God answered our prayers. We became connected to our church, Carmel Lutheran and by fall of 2009 had joined a small group. We have been so so blessed by our friends here in Indiana! They helped us prepare and welcome our two baby girls. They made it so, for the first month after giving birth to both girls, I never had to cook a single meal. They helped us move into our house, even though it was almost 90 degrees and our air conditioning was not working. They have laughed with us, prayed with us and loved us as Christ shows us how.

This past weekend in particular I was blown away by the love shown through our dear friends. Eric had a special work banquet to celebrate the 2012 year and to kickoff the start to 2013. I wanted desperately to be there. It is so important for me to stand by Eric’s side at these events. I am ridiculously proud of him and love that he is in a job that allows me to be home with my girls!! However, we had one slight problem…a sitter. Being that Eric and his Stepdad both work for the same company, our go to sitters Mimi and Papa were out. With only a few weeks until the event I called on some friends to see if they’d be open to taking the girls. Without a single hesitation, both families happily agreed. Mind you they would be watching the girls during dinner and bedtime, and they already have their own children to deal with! Needless to say we were grateful.

But out gratitude does not end there. After assuring both couples we would be back to pick up the girls by 11pm at the very latest, we did not end up getting the girls until 1am!!! Now before you think we decided to hit up a bar after the banquet or some other way we wanted to milk our night out;) be assured, it was not intentional! Eric and I left the Marriot at 10pm and stepped into our car around 10:15. The parking garage was a mess. Complete standstill. I could not believe it. After sitting in our car, and not moving, for twenty minutes, I decided it was time to face the facts and contact our friends. Of course they told us not to worry, all was well. But we felt terrible!!! We did not end up getting out of the garage until after midnight. What a nightmare. Apparently there was a Monster Jam thing at Conseco and an all area volleyball tournament…ugh.

When we picked up the girls, both of whom were peacefully asleep, we could not thank the families enough. That night and next day I kept thanking God for these wonderful friends he put in our lives. Friends that truly love and care for us and our family. Friends who barely blinked an eye when they had to stay up way later than any of us do on a Saturday night. And friends who prove the importance of living in a community with one another.


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