Liesel School Update

We have just completed our twelfth week of Liesel School.  With a few weeks off around Christmas, we are almost to our halfway mark!  What a fun adventure it has been!!  If it was up to Liesel I think we would have lessons all day long.  Unfortunately I can only come up with a few activities per day, so she is stuck with this limited approach:)

So far we have learned names and sounds of letters A-L, numbers 1-12, numerous shapes and colors, and tons of fun themes!! I can’t wait to continue on in our adventure for years to come! Liesel really makes learning easy.  The other day we were driving home from Target and got stuck in traffic.  To pass the time I decided to play a game with letters and sounds.  We started with me saying the letter and Liesel saying the sound that matched.  We quickly changed to Liesel saying the sound and me guessing the letter.  All was great until she began doing sounds for x and s and t( all of which we haven’t learned yet ).  I tried to trick her thinking she was maybe just throwing sounds out there and didn’t quite know what letter correlated.  WRONG. She was no fool! This girl.  Not sure who should be the teacher these days;)

This past week our theme was Penguins.  Here are a few highlights from our fun week!

Our vocabulary word was waddle. We had too much fun waddling to music! MJ joined in too. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera ready to capture our moves, but I’m sure you can imagine the sight as well as the sounds of constant giggling:).

A fun craft we did was to make a penguin out of a water bottle. If you are like us I’m sure you have far too many of them lying around… this is the perfect way to put them to good use! We stuffed the bottle full of fiberfill ( cotton balls work great too! I just have a TON of fiberfill left over from the stockings). Than out of construction paper we made the rest of the penguin.image

For a game during penguin week we went fishing in an ice pond for letters. Since our number of the week was 12, I had hidden twelve letters for Miss L to fish out. She placed them in a baking sheet and counted them all at the end. imageimage

Moira loved the ice:)image

Here is my sorry attempt at a penguin snack. You may have to use a bit of your imagination;) However, both girls gobbled it up nonetheless !image

Lastly, to review out past letters and sounds, I made a search game. Our shape for the week was a triangle, so each letter was written on one. During naptime I taped the triangles all over the house. When Liesel woke up she had to find all the letters. Saying both letter and sound before she could place the triangle in her basket. Liesel loved this game! We played it over and over and over again. Taking turns who did the hiding.

Looking forward to next week where the theme will be Teddy bears and we will be going on our very own indoor bear hunt picnic:)

One thought on “Liesel School Update

  1. I love it! Looks like so much fun:) I am going to start Miles in the fall at home. Very excited – I have really been enjoying teaching the girls as well.

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