Sweet Moments

Due to my past of being a teacher,  I am a big advocate of ” teachable moments.”  I believe, and know from experience, that these pop up all day long.  It is up to us parents to jump all over them and help our little sponges soak up all the information they can!

A precious teachable moment snuck up on me a few weeks ago.  All the decorations were up and Liesel became enamored by our nativity set.  She wanted so badly to play with it.  So after much explaining about how delicate our set was, Liesel was able to have her time with it ( supervised ).  She played ever so carefully .

I took the opportunity to tell Liesel the story of our Savior’s birth.  She listened to every word I spoke; watching me move each precious piece.  It has now become part of our morning routine.  I take the nativity down and Liesel plays with it.  Reciting her own rendition of the story. She gets a lot of the facts correct, she can tell you about Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem.  She can tell you about baby Jesus in the manger and the shepards and angels.  She can tell you about the gifts the wisemen bring, her favorite being frankincense.  But most importantly, she can tell you that Jesus was born on Christmas day and he is our King!!

I love being a mom for so many reasons.  But it is moments like these,  when you begin to share the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, that I know God told us to be fruitful and multiply for a reason!  This is what being a parent is all about;  teaching and guiding our children to become believers in Christ our Lord!





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