What have I started?!

So, when Eric and I first got married we took a day trip to Bronners Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI.  If you haven’t been there and you love Christmas, go! Its a great experience! Anyway,  we went there in search of all our Christmas decorations; from nativity sets to ornaments and everything in between.

Top on our list of things to get were, stockings.  Now to most people this would seem like a farely easy task, right?? Well, not to us.  I remember thinking, what are we going to do for our future children’s stockings?  Whatever we get will have to be able to match our kids!!  We looked and looked.  And finally decided on some.  We decided that our stockings do not have to perfectly match our childrens, they just need to “go” together:) 

Well the stocking debate did not end in 2007.  It was revisited in 2010 when Liesel was 6months old.  Frantically I asked Eric what we were going to do for Liesels stocking this year?!  I really wanted to make one but had absolutely no idea what that meant… I remember Eric telling me to knit her one. Ha, I wish!! Only problem was the whole knitting thing.  Well Christmas came and went that year, and poor Miss Liesel had no stocking to be stuffed:(  I like to think our kisses and hugs made up for her lack in gifts that first year!

In 2011 again, the stocking dilemma had not been solved.  The whole idea was stressing me out ( I know big momma problems…)! But I just knew whatever we decided to do for Liesel would set the tone for our future kids ( all half a dozen of them:)) and it seemed like such a big decision!

Then, thanks to our cousin Kristen, our problem was solved!! Early in 2011 at a family gathering I noticed Kristen working on a stocking for her daughter, Morgan. It was so cute! Made of felt with sequins and different color fabric; it was just what I was thinking!! I got all the info from Kristen and set out to find one for Liesel girl. After researching online I found one I really liked. The brand is Bucilla and the stocking was titled Cupcake Angel seemed absolutely perfect for our little cupcake. In early October we set out to Hobby Lobby in search of the stocking. We luckily found it on sale for $14.99 and happily bought it. That first night I was giddy with excitement to start my little project. However, things changed when I opened the package!! I found 6pages of directions! Tons and tons of fabric, beads, string, and sequins. Eric and I both looked at eachother thinking the same thing, would this ever get finished?? I’m happy to say, I did finish it. It took me two months of diligently working on it each evening. Here is Liesels stocking:

I really do love crafts. This one just took tons of time!!! But it was worth it. It is something Liesel will have forever.

The one aspect of the Bucilla felt stockings I did not think through was the fact that I would need to make more of them eventually for our future children. One of which was already on the way! What had I gotten myself into??!!

So this year I started the whole process again for Moira. We found the stocking that seemed perfect for our MJ online titled Sugar Plum Fairy. I was anxious to get started on it. Here is a picture of what is inside your kit:

As you can see, again, I had my work cut out for me!! I am happy to report that I finished the stocking in record time, just 4 weeks. And here is the finished project: Moira’s stocking!

Although tedious at times, it is an enjoyable project. I actually am looking forward to ( God willing) making a few more down the road;)


One thought on “What have I started?!

  1. Beautiful stockings! We have many things we have started as new traditions and it is no easy task to fulfill them continuously. However, they do bring us and the kids joy! Merry Christmas!!!!

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