Oh Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas we, Statlers, don’t mess around!  There is no celebrating or indulging in anything Christmas before Thanksgiving.  This includes peppermint mochas (probably the hardest for me), Christmas music, and of course decorating of any kind.  But once Thanksgiving is over we kick the Christmas cheer up to high gear!!

One of our families favorite Christmas traditions is getting our tree.  We usually try to accomplish this extremely important task the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Thus giving us maximum tree viewing, smelling and everything wonderful a real tree has to offer:)  I don’t think we lived in Indiana for more than a week before Eric had a spreadsheet of all the different tree farms in the area.   He was determined we find the best farm to do business with, I should mention that we moved to Indiana in the middle of JUNE!! As I said, Christmas is serious business in our home:)

This year was no different.  We could not wait to go and get our tree!  Getting home after midnight on Saturday night from a 6 1/2 drive did not slow us down.  We were out the door by 9am with peppermint mochas in hand and Eric’s original three disc Quintessential Christmas cds in tow.  For the past three years we have gotten our trees from Stoneycreek Farms( the same place where we got our pumpkins).  It is a great farm! And although it is definitely more expensive than getting a pre-cut tree from Lowes, it is worth it! The setting is beautiful, everyone is extremely helpful, and it feels good knowing we are supporting our local farmers. 

This year Eric and I had been even more excited, than in years past, to begin celebrating ( hard to believe I know). But Liesel was finally going to be at an age where she could start understanding and enjoying all the Christmas fun! If Halloween was any indication on how wonderful Christmas would be with Liesel, we knew it would be nothing short of amazing!! And amazing it has been. Liesel had the time of her life picking out the Christmas Tree. She marched around the trees pointing to each one and saying ” This is it! This is the one!”:) SAMSUNG
She could not get over just how many trees there were at the farm. After looking and looking we finally found our tree. Bigger than in years past; a 7 foot tree! SAMSUNG

That afternoon was spent decorating our beautiful tree. Liesel and Moira were a great help;) Actually, Liesel really did a great job. And I am happy to report that zero ornaments were broken!!
Here is to a wonderful Christmas season!


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