Moira’s Birth

I cannot believe my little baby turned 10 months on Saturday! Where has the time gone?! I decided I needed to put all my birth notes together and, finally, write her birth story before she turns 5!  Liesel’s will be uploaded soon. I wrote hers just days after she was born! Funny how things start to slip once you have more children…

My pregnancy with Moira had been very easy. Honestly, I love being pregnant! Both my girls have spoiled me.  However, once February rolled around I was ready to be done and finally meet my little one.  And as you can see there was barely any more room at the inn!37 weeks 003

The week leading up to MJ’s birth was busy! Liesel had come down with a fever and I prayed we would all be sickfree before our baby made her entrance. Thankfully our prayers were answered and Moira waited until her big sister was feeling 100%!

To say I was nervous about having to go through labor again would be a HUGE understatement! From the moment I saw two lines on the pregnancy stick I began worrying about my labor and delivery. I tried to convince myself that this L&D could not possibly be worse than my 28 hour one with Liesel! Everyone I talked with seemed to say that labors were always shorter with number two and I prayed it would be true for me. Thinking maybe this labor would be only 15 hours or so. I tried not to dwell on it and with chasing after a very busy 18 month old, it was very easy to do!

The Monday before I went into labor I could tell things were beginning to happen. The nightly stomach cramping was more frequent and my brax and hicks were more consistent. I tried not to get my hopes up remembering back to my pregnancy with Liesel and the seemingly unending waiting game. Tuesday was a wonderful day. Liesel was finally back to her old self and Eric had a slower day at work, so we were able to spend the afternoon together for what would be our last time as a family of three! That evening I put Liesel to bed as normal and had a nice quiet evening with Eric. No real baby signs besides the cramping.

At 4am I woke up to some strong, yet inconsistent, contractions. I went to the bathroom and when I came back to bed Eric joked, “Are you in labor?” To which I just laughed off, remembering having these exact kind of contractions days before Liesel made her entrance. For the next hour I was in and out of sleep until finally at 5am I decided to get into the tub to relax. Still thinking this may not be the real thing, and even if it was, we were still probably hours away from leaving for the hospital.

While in the tub the contractions started to become more and more regular. And man did they hurt (funny how you forget the pain, yet remember it in the moment instantly)! I had my phone with me so I decided to start timing. Every 5 minutes I would have a strong contraction with a small, and what I thought to be, unrecordable contraction every 2 1/2 minutes. Around 6am I decided it was time to get out of the tub and begin packing for the hospital. Side note. After our extremely long labor with Liesel I remembered a friend saying a way they stalled going to the hospital was by packing once labor began. This idea seemed perfect for us! So weeks before our due date I made a detailed list of what we would need to bring and hung it on the refrigerator. The moment I stepped foot out of the tub my contraction hit me like a ton of bricks and I instantly fell to my knees. I decided now would probably be a good time to wake Eric.

I told him things were progressing and he should call his mom to come over for Liesel. “Tell her not to rush, but maybe come over by 7 or so, when Liesel would usually be waking up.” We are forever grateful that Teri went against our better judgement and came over as quickly as possible!

I started for the door to gather my list when I had to stop again for a ridiculously strong contraction requiring concentration and breathing. Eric was up trying to gather phone numbers for his members whom he had appointments with for the day. Of course labor would be on a day Eric had 4 appointments set! It seemed as though the moment I would be back up on my feet another one would hit keeping me from being able to complete any task. Why did I think it was a good idea to wait to pack our bags again?? I finally called for Eric demanding he pack the hospital bag. Both of us were unsure as to what was going on. Eric not understanding that the contractions were as hard as they were. And me believing this was still early labor and I had somehow become extremely weak since my labor with Liesel.

Teri arrived by 6:30, while Eric was scurrying around trying to locate all of our belongings and I was on the floor barely moving. Finally we were ready and, just as Liesel was starting to wake up, we hurried out the door so she wouldn’t see us. At 7am we were on the road heading for the hospital. My contractions seemed to be one after another. Neither of us were timing them. Partly because we were rushing and partly because we both still believed we couldn’t be that far along already! Once on I-69 I got into a zone. Everything was blocked out, I could focus on breathing and remain in control. Until Eric slammed on the brakes. 7am rush hour. I gasped! Focus broken. I remember thinking if I get to the hospital and I am only 5cm, I am getting an epidural. End. Of. Story.We pulled into the hospital around 7:30 and Eric pulled into the parking garage. This is what we had done with Liesel and we both thought I would be able to walk to the elevators. Wrong. It took me forever to even get out of the car. Once out of the car I took about 3 steps and fell to my knees again. I could not believe I was so weak. My water was not even broken yet. Why can’t I do this? A man passing by asked Eric if everything was ok, to which Eric automatically replied ” oh yes, we are fine.” HA! Again neither of us believed we could be far along, its only been 3 hours since my contractions began!

Luckily there was a wheel chair for me when we entered the hospital and I was able to get into a semi- zone as we headed to the L&D floor. I began dry heaving and losing my concentration as I was wheeled into triage. And, for some reason Eric was needed to fill out paperwork even-though we had preregistered!!

The staff in triage immediately looked at me and said “page her doctor quick. She may deliver in here.” I remember thinking they have no idea what they are talking about!! My water hasn’t broken and they haven’t even checked me! Once they do they’ll see. I’m sure I’m only 5-6cm at best. However, it turns out they did know! thank God. The moment I sat on the bed my water broke. At that same moment Eric walked in. A few moments later Dr. B stepped in. Wow was I glad to see her! I absolutely adore our obgyn! She has such a loving, motherly calmness to her. Once she checked me she looked at me, smiled, and said “you’re almost there, Tricia. 9.5cm. All I need is one more contraction and it’s time to push!” Some of the most amazing words I could ever hear. I could have cried, come to think of it I did! One strong contraction came and went. I quickly flipped into pushing position. Eric held my hand helping me breathe with every push. Three pushes later and out came another absolutely beautiful, amazingly perfect baby at 8:03am. “It’s a girl!” Dr. Bemenderfer exclaimed, “Liesel has a little sister!” Praise God from whom all Blessings flow! Moira Jane was instantly put on my bare chest and every loving and wonderful emotion came rushing through. It is true what they say, love multiplies! I loved this little girl completely and entirely from the moment I felt her on my chest. She immediately latched on and nursed the entire time they wheeled me down the hall to our room.

Once in our room. [Our extremely large Natural Birthing Suite. Big enough to fit our birthing tub:) Better to be over-prepared than under;)] Eric and I held eachother with our little girl, and exhaled. We both had adrenaline kicking in high gear from all the excitement! And we both could not believe it was only 8:30am and we were already holding, kissing and loving our sweet Moira Jane! God is good! SAMSUNG


9 thoughts on “Moira’s Birth

  1. aww…what a sweet story. It made me tear up at the end! I can so relate to the second time feelings of anxiety about the labor. For some reason the second time seems a lot scarier…maybe it’s because we know what to expect? Praying God answers our prayers with a quick, “easy” delivery just like MJ’s!

    • It is WAY scarier the second time around! I think bc you know what you’re in for, ha! The first around we can be ignorant and think maybe we’ll have one if those painless births… praying for you guys and this new little one. You are in the best hands, our God is an awesome God!!

  2. That is great! I wasn’t so lucky the 2nd time around and needed a csection after 20 hours or so (I gave up 10 hours earlier than I did with Rory!) I love birth stories…such an exciting time no matter how many times you’ve done it!

  3. I didn’t realize how soon after you got to the hospital that you had Moira!!! So wonderful! And awesome that it was so short. Same for me — I kept thinking it would be just as long as with my first! And three pushes! Hallelujah! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

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