Thanksgiving in Missouri

Ahh Thanksgiving! Isn’t it quite possibly the best holiday? From the amazing food, to the people, to the lying around and reminiscing about the past year, I just love it! Since 2006 I have been spending Thanksgiving with Eric’s Dad’s family in Jackson, Missouri. I remember as a kid asking my mom how she could stand to be away from her family on holidays? The thought of it made me sad and I vowed I never would (being age 7). And she responded “Your Dad’s family IS my family.” As a kid I really didn’t believe her, but I now completely understand! Spending Thanksgiving at Grandma’s in Missouri is a tradition that I have come to look forward to and love so very much!

This year we decided to drive to Missouri with Eric’s sister, Karen, her husband, Joe, and their 4 month old daughter, Eden. That is right. Four adults, three little girls ( under the age of 2) in one Suburban! Were we crazy? We would soon find out:) It’s funny the four of us decided to drive together on a whim and loved the idea instantly. But then I think as we were drawing close to the road trip both families, separately, started becoming extremely hesitant and second guessing our decision. Was this really the best idea? Ha, it would be an adventure. And that it was. A surprisingly calm, pleasant and wonderful adventure. All the kids were amazing! Joe was a great chauffeur:) And against all odds we made it to Grandma’s in 6.5 hours with only two stops. Wahoo!

Here is Moira and Eden playing peacefully on the way out! And one of Liesel being a goof:)SAMSUNGSAMSUNG

Our time in Jackson was extremely special and we all had wonderful time! Eric’s cousin Chris and his wife Kristen have a little girl, Morgan, who is only one week older than Liesel. Here is a picture from the epic Thanksgiving where we both told, and found out each other were pregnant to the family.appointments 004It has been so much fun watching Liesel and Morgan grow up together! This Thanksgiving was a blast! The girls were so cute playing, running around and talking together. It is so special to see the bond they have formed. Liesel continued to talk about Morgan well into the next week!

Here are some pictures from our time in Jackson.
With Great-Grandma, who turned 90 in April, and looks amazing! She cooked our Thanksgiving meal and still maintains a house that is big enough for all 12 of us to stay in for the weekend!SAMSUNG
The girls having fun in the leaves!SAMSUNG
Grandpa reading “The Pancake That Ran Away”, a childhood favorite for Eric, Karen and Chris:)SAMSUNG
Chris and Eric working on K’nex. Somehow I believe this may have been a common scene 15 years ago:)SAMSUNG
This is what happens when we spend the UofM vs OSU game in a house full of Buckeyes! Ugh! But she is pretty cute despite the unfortunate outfit;)SAMSUNG
Starting to say our goodbyes.SAMSUNG

We are already counting down the days until next Thanksgiving when there will be four little girls racing around the house!! I hope the Statler family is ready:)


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