Thankful Tree

All over Pinterest this fall I saw pictures of “thankful trees.” I immediately LOVED the idea and could not wait to do it with L! Instead of doing one sit down project, I decided I wanted our tree project to last from November 1st until Thanksgiving.  Giving us a daily activity of talking about what we are thankful for.

Liesel caught on to the idea easily.  It was slightly hard explaining what being thankful means to a 2-year-old.  I ended our first conversation with talking about things that make us happy.  Than added we give thanks to Jesus for giving us such wonderful things! This definitely resonated with Liesel.  I looked forward to our daily conversations about thankfulness and I was eager to see what she would decide to put up on her tree for each day! 

 This picture was taken on the day Liesel decided she was most thankful for the garbage truck:) I should note that Tuesday,garbage day, is quite a highlight in our house.  Liesel runs to her window to watch the gigantic truck work his magic;) It’s the little things right?

We finally made it to Thanksgiving week and had faithfully added a hand leaf each day.  There were a few days that I had forgotten to add to the tree and when sitting down to dinner Liesel politely said, ” Momma, the tree!” It’s a good thing I have her around to keep me in line!  I look forward to making Thankful Trees a tradition in our house.  Next year there will be two sets up there. I cannot wait to hear Moira Jane’s ideas! 

Here is a picture of Liesel’s final project


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