A Budding Friendship

“Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters…” a classic song from White Christmas, that was sung in my family growing up referring to my three sisters and I.  The tradition has carried on and Liesel now knows the whole song almost by heart!  A sisters bond is a special one and I am blessed to be able to see that bond forming in my two girls.

When I found out I was pregnant, again,  it came as quite a shock.  Liesel at the time was only 10 months old and seemed so much like a baby, well, she was still a baby! The entire pregnancy I  worried about how life would be with two kids only 19mths apart.  How was Liesel going to react to another baby around? Would there be jealousy, anger? How could I possibly love another baby as much as I loved my Liesel??  All these worries quickly went away when sweet Moira Jane entered our lives.  The moment I held her in triage, my heart felt that deep connection a mother can only feel with her child. It was true what they say, love does multiply!!   Liesel’s reaction to her new baby sister was so pure, so sweet and so sincere.  From the moment we brought Moira home, her big sister could not get enough of her!  The kisses came freely and by the hundreds 🙂 Every morning Liesel would walk out of her room and exclaim ” Dowa” ( her 19mth version of Moira) with a gigantic smile on her face, excited that she was still here.  Before hugging and kissing me, she would reach out and kiss her baby sister.  I thought this was a phase that Liesel would quickly out grow, but here we are after 9 months of being a family of four and Liesel still wakes up the exact same way!  She loves her Moira Jane Jane. 

And it is obvious that Moira loves and adores her big sister.  No one can get her to laugh and smile the way Liesel can!  The moment Moira spots Liesel in a room her face breaks out into the biggest smile.  amazing.

Sure, Liesel can get  aggressive with her sister.  Her hugs turn into head locks, or her kisses turn too hard; but never has she done anything out of jealousy or anger.  It’s usually just over-excitement:)

 Now that Moira is older and much more interactive it is clear that a friendship between the two is forming.  The giggles from the backseat are a constant in the car.  The splashes and laughter in the tub are a joy to hear.  Liesel and Moira have even started to play together: having tea parties, reading books, and just laughing and jabbering away to each other.

I am so excited to watch this budding friendship continue to grow and grow! Sisters are a wonderful thing and I love that Liesel and Moira are already tapping into this wonderful bond! 

photo courtesy of sdreevesphotography.com

6 thoughts on “A Budding Friendship

  1. I love this! Makes me excited to see my two little ones as they grow older! Your girls are gorgeous! ps, I just posted my birth story 🙂

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