Halloween 2012

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine.  I always looked at is as a hurdle to get over so that we could begin celebrating the two best holidays!  However, now that I have kids, things have changed.  I like Halloween more than ever before.  Seeing how excited Liesel was to go and pick out a pumpkin this year was such a joy! I also could not wait to see my little girls dressed up in their costumes.  We had so much fun all month doing Halloween crafts, putting up (friendly) Halloween decorations, reading Halloween books and eating fall/Halloween foods!

Liesel woke up Wednesday ( Halloween) morning with a huge smile on her face, ” Its Halloween day, Momma!”  Unfortunately she now knows what candy tastes like, thanks to a children’s message at church a few weeks ago;) It was bound to happen, but Eric and I were mostly bummed that now we weren’t going to get away with eating all of her candy!  Here are some pictures from all of our Halloween fun!

Liesel playing with the “ooey gooeys” aka pumpkin guts:)

On Halloween eve we decorated some pumpkin cookies.  Liesel, of course, had to wear her butterfly wings:)

We started Halloween morning off with some spiced pancakes shaped as Jack-O-Lanterns. 

And finally it was time to get dressed for trick or treating. 

My attempt to get a few pictures of the girls together…

Daddy with his girls

Mommy with her girls

Liesel about to make her trick-or-treating debut. 

Going from house to house like a pro! Eric said by the end she would march on up to the houses all by herself.

 Having such a blast!

What an awesome day! Liesel is still talking about all the fun she had.  She also has been wearing her tutu and wings over pjs, dresses, pants…who says Halloween should only happen once a year?

One thought on “Halloween 2012

  1. You have so many great ideas to get the most out of special days! Your girls are both going to appreciate that so much some day, if they don’t already :).

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