This year I decided  to try my hand at homemade costumes for the girls.  This would be tricky because I do not own nor have I ever used a sewing machine ( well that is not entirely true, I did make a duffel bag in 5th grade Home-Economics…).  So, because of this slightly major handicap, I knew I had to pick an easy idea. I also wanted the girls costumes to go together. There are only a few precious years where you get to dictate your children’s clothing choices, costumes, etc and I intend to make the most of them:) SO matching they will be!  Butterfly/ caterpillar was the first idea that jumped into my head and I loved it! Liesel has been all about finding, watching, and chasing butterflies on our daily walks so the idea was fitting. I also had recently ordered Monarch Butterfly wings off etsy for dress-ups, so using them for Halloween as well was a huge bonus! And for antenna I was able to use last years “Bumblebee” ones and spray paint the yellow black!

The first step was finding a “how to” on tutus for Liesel’s Monarch Butterfly skirt.  I came across the website, and it had a tutu tutorial that seemed farely simple to do.  Off I went to Hobby Lobby to buy 10yds of tulle, 5yds in black and 5 in orange.  I was in luck and found them for less than a dollar per yard! I also needed to buy 1nch elastic which I found at Walmart for $1.  The first night was spent (hand) sewing the elastic and cutting the tulle.  For the elastic I needed to measure Liesel’s waist then reduce the elastic by about 2 inches.  I then sewed the ends together, this would take no time at all with a machine, but it wasn’t half bad the old-fashioned way either. Next I needed the tulle to be 6in by 24in.  I am sure there is an easier way to cut it all out, but I decided to take the hard route and use a ruler and scissors… this was the tedious part; it took forever! Also, side not, 10 yards was WAY too much, I would say 6-8 would be plenty. 

Once all the tulle was cut it was time to start making the skirt. I found a round tin to be my “manikin” and began tieing the tulle onto the elastic using a slip knot. Here is a picture of the beginning of Liesel’s tutu

I was shocked by how easy this step was! It took only one hour-long episode of Berkley Square ( a BBC show Eric and I were watching and def recommend).  Here is the finished product; I was so happy how it turned out!

 Now onto the caterpillar for Moira Jane.  I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.  All I needed was a solid green sleeper and a green hat, easy peasy, right?  WRONG! Apparently stores do not believe in carrying solid color anything for babies. I even looked online. Ugh, now what?! After venting to a friend I ran into while out on my green-sleeper-search-nightmare, she called me later that day informing me that she had  a solid green sleep sack I could borrow. Not sure why I had never thought of this?? But I am glad she did! It fit perfect. It was a 0-6mth size, but the fact that it was a little snug on Moira, made it that much cuter:) I had a green hat from all our neutral baby clothes and (hand) sewed on two pipe cleaners and we were in business! Here is a picture of my two little cuties on Halloween. I am excited to make their costumes next year, and who knows maybe I will be a seasoned seamstress by then…we can dream:)


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    • Thanks:) I realized we must be reading eachothers blogs at the same time. I just read your zoo boo post. Such cuties you have! Love that I can keep up with your little family via fb and your blog!

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