Mmmm, it’s Chili Time!

It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s Halloween… the perfect day for chili!!!  I currently have a delicious pot simmering on the stove.  For the past few years it has become our tradition to have chili on Halloween.  It started just by chance on a cold Halloween, not unlike the one today.  And has evolved into a yearly tradition.  I look forward to the day when our kids will be older and their friends will be over each enjoying a warm hearty cup of soup before they venture off into the cold Halloween night air to gather their treats.  Aren’t traditions the best? Something to look forward to each year, something special and unique to your own family!  I would like to share a favorite chili recipe of mine.  I found it a while back and it has become a huge hit in our family.  I think I found the recipe from Cooking Light, but have tweaked a little here and there.

Ingredients: (FYI for you myfitnesspal-ers, its only 278 calories for a whole cup!)

2 Bacon Slices

2 cups chopped onion

2 garlic cloves minced

1pd ground turkey

1/2pd ground sirloin

1(12oz can of beer) * Erics favorite ingredient because it ensures a six pack of beer in house;)

3 generous TBSP chili powder

1tsp worcestershire sauce

1/2tsp kosher salt

1/4tsp ground cumin

1 (14.5 oz) can of diced tomatoes, undrained

1(8oz) can, no salt added tomato sauce

1(15oz)can kidney beans

1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded


Cook bacon in dutch oven on medium heat until browned.  Add in onions and cook for 5 minutes.  Add in garlic and cook for another minute.  Then raise heat to med-high and add in meat, cooking until browned.  Add beer and cook until reduced by 1/3 ( about 10 minutes).  Stir in chili powder and next 5 ingredients ( through tomato sauce).  Cover, and simmer for 30 minutes.  Then add in beans and cook uncovered for an additional 10 minutes.  Then voila, chili is ready!  I sprinkle cheddar cheese on top and serve with warm corn bread. Mmm Mmm good!  You can also spice it up by adding some red pepper flakes. 

Do you have a favorite chili recipe? Please share! I love to try new ones and it seems everyone has one they LOVE.  Also, what are some Halloween traditions you do?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay warm tonight:)


5 thoughts on “Mmmm, it’s Chili Time!

  1. Chili is on the menu for us tonight! I have made it on Halloween before, but not as a tradition. I love that idea! I usually make a veggie/bean chili, but lately have been adding ground beef. I use kidney, black, and garbanzo beans – and add some balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Don’t ask why, it just evolved that way! I cut up red onions, red peppers and sometimes summer squash, carrots and zucchini. Also, it is good served over brown rice. A very hearty meal! And of course great to dip quesadillas into.
    I’m going to make an apple pie for dessert, we will be one happy family this evening! Love hearing about your adventures!
    Traditions on Halloween include hanging up our paper skeleton, George on the front door every year. We did this when I was a kid, and that is why we still call him George in our familly. And we all go out T or T together, so we leave a bucket of candy and a note to help yourself. The last few years I have made the kids costumes, that is fun too. Fun how traditions start forming:)

    • Mmm, that sounds yummy!! And I LOVE the fact that you make all your costumes ( and am jealous of your sewing ability!). I made the girls costumes this year, well not the wings… but the possibilities with a sewing machine are endless. Wish we lived closer and you could teach me:/ mb someday!!! Xoxo

      • Thanks! I have only been sewing for a couple years now. I love it! And I wish that too!! If you ever have any questions, I would be happy to help you out:)

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