Had to Share

A friend of mine shared a fantastic secret with me last week.  It is a facebook group consisting of 2000+ moms in the county I live in selling second hand baby/kid clothes, shoes etc… It is like garage sale shopping with out the hastle of trapsing two little girls in and out of the car! And way way cheaper than going to the second hand stores, which are honestly just as difficult. The clothes are reasonably priced and it is easy to drop of and pick up the clothes.  I have already bought two pairs of boots, pjs, dresses and a hat/mitten set and have spent only $10.  I will admit that I am addicted to it, checking my updates constantly to see if there is a good find out there.  Eric the other night said, “Honey, just because its a deal, does not make it a necessity” , I know, I know… 

But I just had to share this info so that you all could look and see if you have something similar in your areas. Not sure if you can search for it through fb or not, but definitely keep an ear out, it is so worth it.  Lets be honest kids clothes are expensive and it is hard to swallow spending $30+ dollars on an outfit or shoes they will grow out of in a matter of seconds! I hope you have as much success as me! Happy Bargain Shopping:)


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