School is now IN SESSION

The teacher in me could not wait any longer.  Mommy Preschool ( or Liesel school as Liesel refers to it) is officially in session!  We are now three weeks into our 26 week journey.  Sure, we have always been busy learning new things, but now I am using a more preplanned format.  Liesel is loving it and I am loving being able to get my teacher creative juices flowing on a more regular basis!!

A friend of mine shared her blog with me a few years ago called  I quickly saved it knowing full well  I would come back to it one day with my own kids.  I roughly follow her outline for the 26 weeks and add in my own thoughts and ideas.  Her blog has been great to draw from, so definitely check it out! Each week Liesel learns a new theme, vocabulary word, color or shape, number, letter and poem.  I display the six different areas on a poster board that stays up for the entire week.  Every afternoon when Liesel wakes up from her nap she gets this shocked and excited look on her face when she sees the new addition to our weekly poster ( this age is the BEST).  Here is a picture of a completed poster. Image

Through arts/crafts, music, literature, movement, sensory, and technology I develop mini-lessons for Liesel to complete each day.  I know Liesel is only a little over 2 years old, but she is the perfect age for “Mommy School.”  Her mind is a little sponge soaking up all the information I can give it!  I am excited to see where our 26 week journey will take us.  Here are a few pictures from our ” Apple Week.”

Liesel’s finished apple craft      Image

To learn the square shape we used shaving cream on the table to trace and draw.  This is a great way to get your table nice and clean:)             Image                 We also went on a square hunt all through the house pointing out the different objects that were squares. Liesel had a blast!

Here is a picture of Liesel and our friend Ben,who comes to play a few times a week, decorating their number one. Image
Practicing letter A writing and coloring apples.Image I used the website for Liesel to watch some little videos on the letter A.  They also have great print outs to color and trace.

Eating one of our Apple snacksImage

Some of the books we read throughout the week were, ” Ten Apples Up on Top” by Theo LeSieg, “Apples” by Gail Gibbons, and “The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall.  We sang numerous “apple” songs and learned the poem, ” Way Up High in the Apple Tree.” We ended the week with a trip to the Apple Orchard ( although we could not pick apples, Liesel still loved it).  With the apples we purchased Liesel helped to make apple pie and applesauce.  Such a fun week!!


3 thoughts on “School is now IN SESSION

  1. Love this — I have been getting ready to do something similar — Ezra really doesn’t like sitting down for activities yet… he has a short, “boy” attention span — I just put it together on the “homeschooling” section of my blog — with some great homeschooling sites. My favorites are confessions of a homeschooler, 1plus1plus1equals1 and homeschool creations 🙂

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