Baby Food 101

Making baby food is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health.  It is extremely simple to do and easy to stay on top of.  I started making baby food for Liesel the moment I got the green light from her pediatrician ( at age 6mths).  Even while working I was able to manage it and am happy to say I never wasted a single penny on any jarred baby food. A website that really helped me with the whole process was  This site is full of great recipes and ideas for different kinds of food to mix together.  It is also a great resource for foods into the toddler years and beyond.  Here are the steps to baby food making made simple.

First, buy whatever fruits and vegetables you desire your young one to eat.  One of the best parts to making baby food is the ability to buy as many fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market or grocery store and not having to worry that it will go bad!  I usually try to align my fruits and veggies with what we will be eating that week.  This helped me to not get in the habit of fixing separate meals for our kids ( something both Eric and I feel very strongly about). Second, you need to bake, boil or cook your food so that it is easy to mash.  Bananas, avocados and the like I just let ripen before mashing.  The majority of my food I boiled or baked.  Third, you need to locate a blender, food processor or food mill.  Do not waste your money on “baby food specific” appliances.  They are a complete joke! You already have an appliance on hand that can do the job adequately.  For my food I used our food processor and it worked perfectly.  Mash food until it is completely smooth.  For some foods I would add a little water but be careful not to make food too watery.  Here is a picture of my mashed sweet potatoes  Image Next, you need ice cube trays and plastic ziploc bags.  Pour food into ice trays and cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer.  Once the cubes are completely frozen pop them into ziploc bags and label them with the date and food type.  The ice cubes are about 1oz each so it is perfect for measuring out for baby to eat.  Here are my ice cube trays with green beans, sweet potatoes and pearsImage

How easy is that? Don’t wasted your money on the jarred food. You have all your baby needs at home! Because I made my own food for Liesel she transitioned to chunks of food fairly early and very easily!  She had been used to her food being thicker and real tasting.  I also think she is the good eater she is today because of her baby food.  I had her eating avocados, asparagus, all kinds of squash,zucchini, you name it, within the first months that she was eating food. It is definitely worth the time you put into it.  Get creative and have fun with it!  Some of our favorite food mixes were banana-cado,  mango-summer squash, and apple-acorn squash with a touch of cinnamon.  Here is a picture of my Moira Jane enjoying one of her first ‘real’ meals.          Image

One thought on “Baby Food 101

  1. I totally agree—I think they become less picky with taste/texture when they are use to all of the differences in homemade purees! Glad to see that MJ thinks you are a great chef too!

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