Our State Fair is a great State Fair…

“From dollars to donuts”  Well more like from funnel cakes to pork tenderloin sandwiches to fried pickles to…;) Needles to say it was a fantastically yummy day!

Eric and I had been looking forward to the fair all summer and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived at 9:30 am and ended up staying until 3pm!! There were lots of activities for Liesel to do and of course all the animals to look at.  We didn’t even get to everything!  For days afterward Liesel would ask ” fair today, mommy?” Cannot wait to go back next year when Moira Jane can enjoy it too:)  Here are a few pictures from our day.



Farmer Liesel:)


Driving a tractor is a lot of responsibility!


sweet Moira Jane


Liesel and the prize pumpkin


The horse shows were a HUGE hit!



All this walking tired the poor girl out:)



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