Our Daily Bread

In the last few months I have been inspired to become a more ‘ homemade’ family.  Not only due to the financial savings,  but also to promote a healthier lifestyle.  One of the first areas I chose to tackle was that of bread.  We go through roughly one loaf of bread a week and I was sick and tired of spending money on supermarket ” who knows whats really in this” whole wheat bread!  However, I had a lot of doubt about bread making. Would I really have time to make my own bread (sans bread maker)? Would it really taste good? How much of a savings is it really, etc… The answer to these questions, is I absolutely don’t have time not to do it. It is delicious and ever so easy to make. I have been successfully making our own bread for over two months now and LOVE doing it. I am not going to lie, there is always an “I am super mom” moment when a golden delicious loaf of bread comes out of the oven. And have I mentioned the smell? Ahh, the whole house smells like a delicious bakery. It has also been very easy to incorporate into my monthly routine. The recipe I follow makes two loaves so I am able to freeze one and end up baking bread every other Sunday (this day works great because Eric is always home to make sure the girls are lovingly cared for). Although the recipe is fairly simple it still demands attention:)
Here is the recipe and pictures for those interested.

31/2c all-purpose flour

1pkg active dry yeast

1 3/4c water

1/3c honey ( can also use brown sugar)

3 TBL Coconut Oil ( butter is also ok)

1 1/4tsp salt

2c whole wheat flour


Mix 2c all -purpose flour and yeast in mixing bowl. In med saucepan heat oil, honey, salt and water just until oil is melted ( no warmer than 130*). Add mixture to flour beat on medium for a few minutes. Then add all of the WW flour and change to dough hook on mixer. Knead on medium low speed adding as much of the remaining flour to mixture. You want the dough to be smooth and elastic ( moderately stiff) when finished. Place dough in a greased bowl, covered with a towel, for 1.5-2 hours. Until it has doubled in size


Punch dough down, then separate dough in half and roll into two loafs. Place in greased loaf pans cover and let rise for an additional hour.Image

Bake at 375* for 30- 40 min ( until hollow sounding).

And Voila!! Two deliciously golden brown loaves of bread. Great for sandwiches or toast. It makes some mean toast!Image


11 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. Looks delicious! I have been going through a few bread recipes trying to find “the one”. I will be trying this very soon! Thanks:)

  2. Look at you! Amazing woman, wife and mommy! What a healthy and creative way to express and share the uniqueness God has created you with and for! Love this idea.

  3. Yes I agree! So I also have been making bread knowing that it has the 5 or so ingredients in it and not who knows what! But I use a bread maker:) You go girl!

      • Made your bread yesterday! What a great recipe. The taste is wonderful and I love the consistency too – other breads I’ve made have been very crumbly, but this one holds up really nicely. Not sure about it lasting us a week though – we polished off half a loaf in one evening! I froze half the dough and plan on baking the second loaf in few days, so we’ll see how that turns out. Thanks again!!

  4. Just an update – I make this bread regularly and love it! It makes the most delicious French Toast! Also, if you oil and then flour the pan before you put the bread in, it just pops right out – much better than me coaxing it out:) Thanks again!

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